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Founded in 2004

A Western New York CompanySupporting NY Growers & The Community

Located in Medina, New York, Western New York Energy, LLC, is locally owned and founded in 2004 to develop the full potential of Western New York’s energy resources while utilizing best practices and the highest ethanol standards to work with our community and business partners.

We are proud to partner with New York farmers to produce clean, renewable, domestic energy and high-purity alcohol products.

Corn Growers

A reliable marketing partner.

We provide our corn grower partners payment within two days, competitive spot pricing, and flexible marketing options. Transportation is also available – ask for an on-farm bid now.

Super Charged

Dairy distiller’s grain.

Our DDGS are consistent and of superior quality with high palatability and reduced fat, providing a stable source of RUDP – helping you control costs and boost milk production.

ETHANOL. It's Better. It's Safer. It's Healthier.

Better for the environment.

Ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 46% compared to gasoline.

Better for your vehicle.

Biofuels are more efficient because they burn cleaner than gasoline.

Better for your wallet.

Higher ethanol blends like E15 are more affordable – saving driver UP TO $1 at the pump with E15 and E85.
Corn Processing
On an annual basisour plant processes approximately

20 million bushels of corn into more than…

Gallons of fuel grade biofuel which is blended with gasoline primarily here in Western New York

Tons of high quality dairy distillers grain, a unique low-fat distillers grain that is marketed to WNY feed users such as dairy farms

Gallons of feed grade corn oil which is sold as a feed product or for further processing into biodiesel

Tons of food grade carbon dioxide which is used for beverage carbonation, food processing and other applications