Distillers Grains

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Dairy Distillers Grains (DDG)

Distillers grains (DDG) are a co-product of the ethanol production and a great, cost-competitive alternative feed ingredient produced in large quantities by the dry-mill fuel ethanol industry. The ethanol production process converts the starches and sugars in the corn kernel to ethanol, leaving the corn’s remaining fiber, protein, and fat. These residual portions are the components of dry distillers grains. Distillers grains are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins that animals need, making distillers grains a highly desired feed ingredient for livestock and poultry diets.

When DDG are added to animal feeds that are properly formulated, they increase ration palatability, provide excellent animal health performance, and typically reduce ration costs. These attributes, and others, have made distillers grains one of the most sought-after feed ingredients to use in animal feeds worldwide.

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Our distillers grains flow freely and smoothly when handled, transported, and stored. Maintaining good flowability is crucial in various industrial processes, such as loading, unloading, conveying, and blending, as well as during storage and handling.


To increase ration palatability, reduce feed costs, and allow for greater milk yield, dairy distillers grain from WNYE delivers a powerful punch. It offers the perfect combination of energy and protein to boost your production and fully optimize the modern dairy cow diet.

Nutrition Info

Our team ensures our nutrition information analysis information is up-to-date, providing you with the data you need to make effective ration allocation decisions.


Ethanol production plays a vital role in boosting rural economies, especially right here in Western New York. According to the Renewable Fuels Association, “Ethanol and feed-co product production provide a valuable market for corn grown in the United States. A typical dry mill ethanol plant adds nearly $2 of additional value – or 55% – to every bushel of corn processed.”
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Wet Distillers Grains

Distillers grains can also be sold wet to our local market. Though wet distillers grain has a limited shelf life, it has a significant importance in helping reduce ration sorting in a typical dairy cow TMR diet.

While the shelf life is not as long, the nutritional value is maintained, and wet distillers help prevent ration sorting in dairy diets.

Wet distillers grain

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