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Fueled by agriculture and our community, we are committed to a
greener future.


Founded in 2004

WNY EnergyHistory

Who We Are

Western New York Energy, LLC is a locally owned company founded in 2004 to develop the full potential of Western New York’s renewable energy resources. Production at our $90 million facility began immediately after the completion of construction in November 2007. WNYE was the first biofuel plant in the Northeast United States and is currently the only large-scale facility in New York, producing over 60 million gallons of ethanol annually.

As the largest fuel ethanol producer in New York State, our goal is to produce clean, renewable, and domestic energy to benefit our community and the future of our planet.

We are committed to supporting New York corn growers and our local community. Purchasing more than 20 million bushels of corn each year, we are the largest buyer of corn in all of New York. We work in partnership with local farmers, helping local businesses and providing local jobs and contributing to the overall economy in Western New York. Our facility provides a valuable corn market and gets trucks in and out quickly and efficiently. Our high-volume location is capable of unloading well over 100 trucks per day.

Our success directly reflects the highly qualified, hard-working people working at our facility. We employ over 60 residents from our local communities.

Founded in 2004

Our People

Our People


Timothy Winters

President & CEO


Isahia Schoolcraft

Vice President of Operations


Michelle Kingdollar

Chief Financial Officer


Mallory Giambra

Director of Marketing


Craig Tanis

General Manager, ClearSource


Rebecca Nash

Director of Quality Assurance 


Jon Winters

Health & Safety Manager


Amanda Nash

Commodity & Transportation Manager


Mike Winter


Tim Wickham

Tim Wickham

Maintenance Manager
Chaston Davis

Chaston Davis

Production Manager
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