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Green Synergy

Western New York Energy is proud to be an early adopter in combining technologies to help fuel clean air. We have purchased a 2023 Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and successfully converted the vehicle to accept a higher blend of renewable ethanol, E85.
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Accelerating aGreener World

ethanol & electricity unite

Recent studies from the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and the University of California-Riverside Center for Environmental Research and Technology have shown that the combination of electricity and E85 has a very low carbon intensity and is lower than the full lifecycle emissions analysis of a purely electric vehicle using today’s grid electricity. These studies have proven that low-carbon, high-octane renewable liquid fuels like E85 combined with hybrid technology can deliver superior environmental performance to the consumer at a low cost.

Furthermore, combining both low-carbon technologies provides greater flexibility, reliability, and security for American consumers. This car proves that this is a solution that is available and reduces emissions today!

Synergies with low-carbon ethanol and electricity have shown that consumers can maintain convenience and affordability for superior environmental performance based on refueling time and locations, vehicle range and purchase price, and cost of operations. Consumers can reduce their carbon footprint today without worrying about finding a charger along their route or long wait times for slow charging that lengthen their overall trip.

Take a look at the RFA’s results & read more on the initial study from the RFA below.

eFlexFuel Kit
eFlexFuelAdaptive System

eFlexFuel Conversion Kit

The operating principle behind eFlexFuel is based on processing the fuel injection signals that are received from the car engine’s electronic control module (ECM). The innovative eFlexFuel kit controls the fuel injection process, with each of your vehicle’s fuel injectors controlled separately to optimize flow. As a result, eFlexFuel adapts perfectly to different fuel injection approaches.

Learn more about how the kit works on the eFlexFuel website.

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