Eco-Friendly Process

Natural Fermentation

Instead of aggressive chemical processes, natural fermentation is more environmentally sustainable and uses fewer resources.



Our clean production processes make use of hydropower from Niagara Falls, a renewable source of energy that relies on natural water flow to generate electricity.


Local New York agriculture

We source our corn locally and produce products for sale into our own backyard, meaning there’s less shipping and transportation waste.


How OurProcess Works

Our technique to create ethanol and high purity alcohol products is a zero-waste process.

We convert our renewable feedstock, corn, into sugars. After breaking down the corn starch into sugars, we ferment those sugars into alcohol using highly efficient yeast. Our world-class, high-purity distillation system then removes impurities to allow us to produce to industry-leading standards. Additionally, we separate the corn’s remaining fat, protein, and fiber to sell across the northeast as high-quality feed products. We use every bit of every corn kernel we grind.

Recycling Center Process

Our process ensures high-quality, low-waste production with features like heat recovery and input recycling, maintaining a minimal carbon footprint and achieving industry-leading efficiency.

Our process provides us with a unique opportunity to produce high-quality products with little to no waste. From heat recovery to input product recycling, our process allows us to recover and reuse many parts to ensure we maintain a low carbon footprint while producing industry-leading products with the highest efficiencies.

Low Carbon footprint

We can produce industry-leading products at a highly efficient rate while maintaining a low carbon footprint.
Unlike our traditional fossil fuel counterparts, ethanol production derives an environmental edge from utilizing renewable resources (corn.) Our process of converting raw materials into ethanol involves advanced technologies, including fermentation and distillation, which significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fuel refining.

We are working closely with our corn-growing partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions further through sustainable farming practices and improved energy management.

How We Source

Sourcing / Partners

We are proud of the way we source and produce products. Our customers can be proud to turn to us as their source too!

You can’t separate our business from the agricultural community we partner with in New York State. We work with over 300 New York State corn growers and process over 20 million bushels of corn annually. We are committed to supporting our community and are proud to purchase the majority of our corn from New York State farmers.